AROMA Therapy

"Combining exquisite fragrances and luxury presentation."

A stylish collection of hotel amenities which combines exquisite fragrances and luxury presentation.

AROMA Therapy products are designed to pamper and indulge your guests with a world of soft fragrances. These luxury bathroom cosmetics are formulated with essences of White Tea and Ginger and offer a subtle and satisfying sense of relaxation for body and mind.

White Tea is the finest variety of tea, a speciality of the South East Chinese province of Fujian, its name comes from white, silky down that encases the tea buds. White Tea contains many essentials vitamins and minerals and is considered an effective antioxidant in the world of cosmetics. Red Tea is also purported to have many healthy benefits. Made from the dried leaves of a South African plan, it offers the benefits of hydration and antioxidants which are knows to slow the aging process.

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